Triple Seven Deck EN-A


Confidence comes with safety EN/LTF A

Deck was designed to realise the dream of flying for everyone in the safest possible way. With Deck, any instructor will be sure that his students are in best hands possible with state of the art design coming from Triple Seven gliders. EN/LTF A certification brings best possible safety for the pilots in the air but our thoughts were everywhere, from easiness of take-off until the very touchdown of a student. Instructors and students can now focus on the evolution of the pilots knowledge.

Product Details

The technology

Triple Seven were the first to introduce Back Position Intake into the EN/LTF A class. With years of flight-testing experience, we have discovered all the positive sides of this technology and adapted it to produce the passive handling characteristics of the Deck glider. Pitch and chord-wise oscillations are damped to precisely the right degree so that students gain peace of mind and can focus on the effects of the air around them. Put simply – Deck students learn faster

The handling

The use of mini-ribs refine the Deck’s trailing edge and overall profile. This has resulted in great handling in climbs – essential for those first steps towards learning thermalling skills The Deck is a confidence inspiring glider that will help any student learn the basics of paragliding with ease.

Deck is designed for real beginners that are taking their first steps on the hill. With Deck they will have the wing that will teach them all the necessary knowledge from the first ground handling, to their first valley crossing. The privileged handling of the Deck will make any flight a memory, that will stay with the pilot long after.

Technical data and sizes

Number of cells292929
Projected area (m2)
Flat area (m2)2427.130.5
Projected span (m)7.858.398.85
Flat span (m)10.2711.0411.58
Projected Aspect Ratio3.063.063.06
Flat aspect ratio4.44.44.4
Glider weight (kg)4.5 kg5 kg5.5 kg
In-flight weight range (kg)60-8580-105100-125
Test reportslink, stickerlink, stickerlink, sticker
Latest manual all sizesEN FR GEREN FR GEREN FR GER
Certification LTF/ENAAA


Upper surfaceDOKDO 30 DMF
Bottom surface DOKDO 30 DMF

Main features

  • Easy launch and landing characteristics
  • Progressive handling and easy control characteristics
  • Well balanced wing for maximum ease of piloting
  • Robustness and durability in mind
  • Canopy: Back position intake, mini-ribs, reinforced leading edge, smooth trailing edge, low induced drag wingtip, line reduction
  • Three liner with split A lines
  • EN-A, LTF-A class

Package includes:

  • Glider: DECK
  • Backpack
  • Inner bag
  • Glider strap
  • Triple Seven T-shirt
  • USB key with manual